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About Us

Shared resources designed to help you get the job done faster with better results.

We enable Queensland Government to quickly and easily create & share diverse, accessible information online in a variety of interactive and engaging formats

Queensland Government is a diverse organisation with multiple agendas and projects. The business of government relies on good quality just in time communications between every stakeholder associated with Government. Multiple projects are being managed every day and people all across the State of Queensland and beyond are relying on getting access to relevant information quickly and easily.

We’ve worked with Queensland Government for the last 15 years.

We first started working with Queensland Government in 2007. We’re working on a regular basis with a number of Departments and Agencies including:

Department of Premier & Cabinet

Department of Health

Department of Education

Department of State Development Local Government Infrastructure and Planning

Department of Transport & Main Roads

Department of Environment and Public Works

Department of Child, Youth Justice and Multicultural Affairs

Department of Communities, Disability Services and Seniors

Economic Development Queensland

Office of the Information Officer

Queensland Office of Industrial Relations

Queensland Treasury

Trade and Investment Queensland

 We’re a Queensland based company focused on helping the Queensland Government foster better communications with internal and external stakeholders using a variety of climate friendly resources that are designed to make it simple for people to meet and talk – anywhere, anytime.

Why Queensland Government TV?

Understanding the path to success in online communications no matter where you’re up to in the journey requires a technology partner with proven experience. You’ll want to avoid the pitfalls or else your journey will become time consuming and cumbersome.

We make sure leaders, educators, subject matter experts and communicators reach the masses in real time with the most inspiring and imaginative uses of streaming media and audience engagement tools you’ll ever see.

Transformation to a flexible work and learning environment has been happening for the last two decades.

It’s not the new normal, it’s just normal.

We support a wide range of requirements to support automated video capture, video content management, webcasting, streaming, web meeting, audience engagement & interaction and more – all with valuable data tracking tools to enable you to see how effective your communications are, and what people are.

Our team is supporting a wide range of customers within Government. You organise your events, we take care of the rest.

To make your life simple, we’ve automated a lot of the donkey work to save you time and money.