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A shared resource for Queensland Government

Innovation Meets Creation

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[vc_column_text]Queensland GovTV is a Brisbane based professional online communications platform combined with technical services, specifically designed for live and on demand delivery of government content.

We provide webcasting and web conferencing services combined with video and rich media hosting. We enable your agency to deliver interactive live and on demand multimedia content to your stakeholders and employees. Stream content or hold web meetings from your offices, conference venues, hotels or from our Margaret St based green screen studio.

Since we specialise in private video hosting, it is ideal for internal government communications, as an alternative to YouTube, or for any content you need to restrict access to.

Terabytes of data? That’s fine.

Thousands of viewers? No problem.

We support single sign on and track all activity by user, so you can see who’s watching, for how long, most watched segment and more.

Is there a contract?

No. We want you to stay because you want to, not because you have to. Cancel at any point and your account will close at the end of the month you have paid for.

However if you would like to pay in advance, that’s fine too – discounts are often available.

Do you replace YouTube?

It depends on how you use video: often a combination works best. YouTube should be used as part of your social strategy for your public content, as its reach is unrivalled. However it is free because it is funded by advertising. As such they always have an interest in driving visitors to their own site where those adverts are shown.

Our online video platform is specifically designed for government, providing the features – particularly in regards to content privacy for internal content – that agencies need.

We can also build custom features to suit your workflow, using your brand, and will provide as much technical support as you need at no additional cost.

How many videos can I store?

However many can fit in your allocated storage – please let us know how many videos are in your library so we can better understand your video hosting needs. There’s no limit to the amount of video you can store and there’s no limit to file sizes either. Just get it out there!

Do you use a CDN?

Yes. Edge servers are positioned at strategic locations throughout Australia, the U.S., Europe and Asia to serve content from a location nearer to your viewer.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment by Visa or Mastercard. If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, we can arrange that too.


My videos are on another online video platform …

If you can provide us with access, depending on the platform/quantity we will usually be able to migrate your videos for you.

How do we engage your services?

Currently there’s no S.O.A. however we’re actively working on it. To engage our services, check with your procurement team to find out if we have an existing contract under the General Contract Conditions – ICT Products and Services. If there’s no contract, simply request a quote by filling out this form

Is QLDGovTV GITC registered?

Yes. QLDGovTV is an initiative by JPL Media Pty Ltd. Our GITC Number is Q:4020 and our QAssure Number is 11395.[/vc_column_text]

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[vc_column_text]QLDGovTV is an initiative by JPL Media Pty Ltd, a Queensland based private company formed in 2007. ABN 73 128 378 683.

The initiative aims to create a “public private partnership” to enable an all of government approach to the creation, distribution, management, security and tracking of multimedia content.

JPL Media is a full service solutions provider delivering world-class digital experiences since 2007. We specialise in helping to create, distribute & track knowledge based content through various forms of online interactive media. JPL Media has a number of existing contracts with Queensland Government including Department of Education, Department of Health, Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning, Department of Local Government, Racing and Multicultural Affairs, Public Service Commission, Department of Housing and Public Works, TAFE Queensland and more.

JPL Media was founded by Julian Lefebvre in 2007. Julian can be contacted anytime on 0410 533038 or[/vc_column_text]

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We are here to help you

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