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Our Work


Our work

We’re so proud of our work and we love our government partners.

We have included several department stories where we have provided significant support and give you a taste of what we could do for you!

LOGOS of all the departments you guys support + other organisations that are shown on the site now.

Supporting Planning reform (DILGP now DSDMIP)

We supported the Planning Reform program for 3 years, where we regularly live streamed and recorded content to support the new planning system.

We live streamed over 25 sessions that supported public consultation on various regulatory instruments or when they were passed by Parliament. 

Each month we would also record hours (and hours!) of content to support planning practitioners understand how to do their jobs under the new legislation; and for the community to understand the key changes.

A number of social media videos were also developed and used across the department’s platforms.

JPL also provided support to the department’s inaugural 2016 Planning Summit that saw multi-room filming and live streaming keynote speakers.

Internally the department used recorded content to underpin its internal education program; and live streamed its monthly department meetings.

The program received many accolades from local government practitioners for the breadth of video content that was created to support the transition to the new legislation. This program of material and live streamed was led by our consultation specialist.

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