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“Video is the new document”, said us… all the time!

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Government departments need to distribute lots of information at various levels, across broad audiences. From detailed legislative inforzmation for practitioners through to general updates for the general community.

With so much written material created to support government work (which is necessary), stakeholders are overwhelmed. Video cuts through the information overload and allows you to better connect with audiences.

Watching an informed speaker explain a particular topic, is highly engaging and effective when trying to inform or educate audiences (especially on complex topics). 

Departments can use video content to cover known or expected risks, issues and questions, to reduce the number of emails or calls your department receives on a particular topic.

For example, a department announcement might mean a significant change for a particular stakeholder group, so you can create a video that responds to their expected questions. When the announcement is made, that resource can be sent to that stakeholder group.

Social media platforms promote the creation of video content by giving it preference ahead of the written word.  By creating short videos, these can be used as teasers which will drive traffic to your website from your social platforms.

You can create a suite of different video resources to help your audiences understand a key concept or general information. Some examples:

  • Talking head videos – a person talking through a topic which either follows a presentation (which is also visible on screen) or done by reading from a script from a tele-prompter.
  • Narration (audio only) – over the top of a presentation or an animation.
  • A panel discussion – that provides an interesting exchange between staff or experts exploring a particular topic.

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Whatever you are thinking or had experience with, we can help you create an effective and engaging library of video resources. 


“When the department was undergoing planning reform, they started doing regular live streams to get important information out to us all.

This was unheard of at the time and the information used to be quite random and not well distributed. We suddenly had access to the latest updates and information on the changes.

The department would also release regular education videos on key topics that we as practitioners needed to understand. These were

This really proved that the department were trying to ensure we were informed and educated along the way.

Bernadette XXXX, Development Manager, Townsville City Council.

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