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Communication Advisory


Communication advisory services

We can help you create engaging video content.

Having watched countless hours of presentations and recorded content and watched audience reactions; we know what cuts through and what doesn’t.

A common trap is putting all the information onto one slide and then reading it word-for-word. Whilst this ensures the information is covered, for the audience, it is zero engaging.

We can help you create a presentation that is engaging and covers all the key messages or information you need to get across.

Thinking outside the box as to how you deliver your information is also important to creating engaging content. For example, instead of a straight presentation, your topic might be better explained by an interactive panel. We can brainstorm your options to ensure cut-through.

Depending on the support arrangement with your corporate communication team, we can map out the best engagement strategy for your project or department and when and how to use the various methods.

Our specialist has over 20 years’ experience delivering engagement and communication services on private and public programs and projects to both internal and external audiences.


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